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Thursday, October 16
8:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast - Conference Room 5
9:00 Welcome and Introduction (Friedland)
9:15 Objective of Workshop (Abrahamson)
9:30 Engineering User Needs (Power)
9:45 Review of Exercises (Abrahamson)
10:00 Treatment of Uncertainty and Model Validation (Abrahamson)


Summary of Modeling Methodologies and Validations
10:30 Anderson
10:55 Chiou
11:20 Silva
11:45 Somerville
12:10 Lunch - Conference Room 4
Summary of Modeling Methodologies (continued)
1:10 Hutchings/Jarpe
1:35 O'Connell
2:00 Atkinson
2:25 Papagoriou
2:50 Break
3:10 Results of Validation Exercise (Abrahamson)
4:00 Discussion
Validations for other events?
Are the methods adequately validated?
4:30 Comments From Users
5:00 Adjourn

Friday, October 17
8:30 Gathering and Continental Breakfast - Conference Room 5
9:00 Comparison of Results of Simulation Exercise (Abrahamson)
Comparisons of ground motion parameters and waveforms
10:00 Discussion of Simulation Results




Discussion of Simulation Results (continued)
11:15 Simulation Issues (Abrahamson)
How to evaluate the reasonableness of time histories?
What should be the criteria - duration, peak velocity, peak displacement, Arias Intensity?
12:00 Lunch - Conference Room 4
1:00 Engineering Application of Ground Motion Simulations
Comments from users.
Need for a library of "MCEER approved" time histories?
How should the time histories be scaled?
2:00 Consensus Recommendations for Ground Motion Modeling (Abrahamson)
3:30 Adjourn

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