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Appendix I

Horizontal Synthetic Motion Summaries

The plots in this Appendix compare the results of the scenario modeling of horizontal ground motion for all modelers at the 30 scenario stations. Response spectra and time history durations were computed for an average horizontal component of motion - the results plotted are geometric means of both horizontal components of motion (or one if only an average component were provided) for all realizations provided by each modeler. Four sets of plots are provided: spectral acceleration (Figures I-1.1 through I-1.30), acceleration duration (Figures I-2.1 through I-2.30), velocity duration (Figures I-3.1 through I-3.30), and displacement duration (Figures I-4.1 through I-4.30). The standard deviations of the values are also shown.

For your convenience, the appendix is divided into four PDF files to facilitate downloading.  The size of the file, number of pages and figures contained within the file are noted:

File Length Figures
Spectral Acceleration (2.1 Mb) 30 pages I-1.1 to I-1.30
Acceleration Duration (1.5 Mb) 30 pages I-2.1 to I-2.30
Velocity Duration (1.5 Mb) 30 pages I-3.1 to I-3.30
Displacement Duration  (1.5 Mb) 30 pages I-4.1 to I-4.30

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