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4th International Workshop on Remote Sensing for Disaster Response

Cambridge University, England | September 25-26, 2006

4th Workshop Attendees

Over 25 remote sensing and GIS researchers and industry practitioners from around the world gathered at historic Cambridge University in England on September 25-26, 2006 for the Fourth International Workshop on Remote Sensing for Disaster Response. Hosted by Professor Robin Spence, a fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge, the workshop was fourth in a series that began in 2003. Sessions included SAR-based techniques for disaster monitoring, multi-peril applications using advanced technologies, optically-based techniques for disaster management, multi-sensor techniques for disaster monitoring, disaster management: integrating in-field deployment, implementation of advanced technology for disaster management and research to operational implementation: next steps for remote sensing technologies. Presentations spanned multiple-disaster types, including response to storm surge, gas explosion, earthquake, flood and tsunami, with case study events ranging from Hurricane Katrina to the Bam earthquake and the Indian Ocean tsunami.

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