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Proceedings from the Second U.S.-Japan Workshop on Liquefaction, Large Ground Deformation and Their Effects on Lifelines

T.D. O'Rourke, M. Hamada (Editors)
NCEER-89-0032 | 12/1/1989

The U.S.-Japan Research Program on Liquefaction, Large Ground Deformation, and Their Effects on Lifeline Facilities focuses on permanent ground deformations caused by earthquakes, with emphasis on liquefaction-induced soil movements and their effects on lifelines. The papers delivered at this workshop deal primarily with liquefaction and ground deformation. There are case studies and examples of analytical and physical modeling. Also covered are soil-structure interaction of pile foundations, waterfront facilities, and buried pipelines; plus the assessment of damage potential and earthquake countermeasures for lifelines both in the United States and Japan.