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Proceedings from the Third Japan-US Workshop on Earthquake Resistant Design of Lifeline Facilities and Countermeasures for Soil Liquefaction

T.D.O'Rourke,M.Hamada (Editors)
NCEER-91-0001 | 2/1/1991

As part of a joint U.S. - Japan research program, this conference represented the third time researchers have convened to collaborate and exchange information concerning ground deformations and ground movement effects on the performance of lifeline facilities during earthquakes. The 40 papers presented in this volume are grouped in the following major areas: ground deformation and lifeline performance during past earthquakes; analytical and experimental modeling of soil liquefaction; seismic analysis of lifelines and earthquake resistant design; and earthquake countermeasures and emergency response. Also presented in this volume and based on these major areas, are the results of four working groups convened during this conference.