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Geological Hazards Field Station

The Geological Hazards Field Station is used to conduct large-scale experiments of geological hazards. Studies focus on the protection of infrastructure against hot and cold mass flows, dirty plumes (analog to urban explosions) and explosive volcanic eruptions.



Center for GeoHazards Studies, University at Buffalo

Selected Publications

Doronzo, D.M., Valentine, G.A., Dellino, P., de Tullio, M.D. (2010). Numerical analysis of the effect of topography on deposition from dilute pyroclastic density currents, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 300:164-173, doi:10.1016/epsl.2010.10.003.

Genareau, K., Valentine, G.A., Moore, G., Hervig, R.L. (2010). Mechanisms for transitions in eruptive style at a monogenetic scoria cone revealed by microtextural analyses (Lathrop Wells volcano, Nevada, USA), Bulletin of Volcanology, 72:593-607, doi 10.1007/s00445-010-0234-z.

Valentine, G.A., Doronzo, D.M., Dellino, P., de Tullio, M.D. (2011). Effects of volcano profile on dilute pyroclastic density currents:numerical simulations, Geology, 39:947-950, doi: 10.1130/G31936.1.

Valentine, G.A., Hirano, N. (2010). Mechanisms of low-flux intraplate volcanic fields – Basin and Range (North America) and Northwest Pacific Ocean, Geology, 38:55-58, doi:10.1130/G30427.1.

Valentine, G.A., Shufelt, N.L., Hintz, A.R.L. (2011). Models of maar volcanoes, Lunar Crater (Nevada, USA), Bulletin of Volcanology, 73:753-765, doi:10.1007/s00445-011-0451-6.

Valentine, G.A., White, J.D.L. (2012). Revised conceptual model for maar-diatremes: Subsurface processes, energetics, and eruptive products, Geology, 40;1111-1114, doi 10.1130/G33411.1.

Valentine, G.A., White, J.D.L., Ross, P-S., Amin, J., Taddeucci, J., Sonder, I. and Johnson, P.J. (2012). Experimental craters formed by single and multiple buried explosions and implications for volcanic craters with emphasis on maars, Geophysical Research Letters, VOL. 39, L20301, doi:10.1029/2012GL053716.