Seismic Vulnerability of the Highway System

Task  F3-1(c):  Steel Seismic Design Criteria Workshop
Subject Area: Special Studies

Principal Investigator(s) and Institution(s)
Michel Bruneau, University at Buffalo

Objective and Approach:

This task will support a workshop to be held in June of 2000 in Las Vegas, NV to provide input to the NCHRP 12-49 team on the seismic provisions they have developed regarding steel design.  These provisions will eventually be recommended to AASHTO for adoption into their bridge specifications.  The workshop will convene a group of experts in steel and seismic engineering that will review and discuss the proposed steel provisions.  During the workshop they will be asked to answer three questions:

  1. Are the proposed provisions answering needs identified in past projects?

  2. Are there parts of the proposed provisions that are not feasible?

  3. What is missing from the proposed provisions that should be added?

To answer these questions, a two-day workshop will be held during which the subject provisions will be presented by key members of the 12-49 team and the participants will discuss the provisions.

Anticipated Start Date and Duration
May, 2000 2 months