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Seismic Design and Retrofit of Bridges Workshop Held in Pittsburgh

Tuesday, June 13, 2006, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm  |  Pittsburgh, PA

Seismic Design and Retrofit of Bridges was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 13, 2006 as part of the International Bridge Conference. 60 engineers were updated on what is considered state-of-the-art in the seismic design of new bridges, seismic retrofitting, response modification, and geotechnical considerations. Roy Imbsen, Consulting Engineer, shared his progress in producing a consensus document for the LRFD Design of new bridges. AASHTO is expected to vote on its adoption as a guide specification in 2007. Phil Yen, FHWA, gave an overview of FHWA’s new Seismic Retrofitting Manual, which greatly expands on the 1995 edition, and moves toward a performance-based philosophy. Andrew Whittaker, University at Buffalo, explained the concepts of seismic isolation and touched on the most recent developments in response modification. Ken Fishman, McMahon and Mann, Consulting Engineers, discussed geotechnical earthquake engineering issues including seismic design and analysis of bridge foundations, abutments and appurtenant earth retaining walls. The emphasis was on simplified methods to estimate site response, the potential for liquefaction and seismic performance.

The team emphasized the implications of adopting performance based design/retrofit objectives and the inherent need for deformation-based, rather than the traditional force-based, methods of analysis. Advantages and limitations of simplified methods were described as well as alternative approaches involving more rigorous methods and corresponding requirements in terms of computational effort, site characterization, and soil modeling. The presentations are available below.  The new Seismic Retrofitting Manual is available from MCEER publications.


Tuesday, June 13, 1:00-5:00pm

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