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NCEER Highway Project Researchers Hold Annual Meeting

On September 30, NCEER's Highway Project researchers met to discuss Year 1 research progress and to prepare for research Year 2. The meeting was held at the University Inn and Conference Center in Buffalo, New York.

NCEER Director George Lee and Deputy Director Ian Buckle welcomed the researchers to Buffalo. NCEER's Assistant Director for Bridges and Highways Ian Friedland explained the agenda and provided an overview of the purpose of the meeting. He announced the formation of a Research Committee for the Highway Project, which consists of researchers currently active in the project. The members are:

The Research Committee's responsibilities include preliminary planning of tasks for subsequent research years on the Highway Project and coordinating research activities within given technical areas.

Participants were assigned to specific technical groups according to disciplinary area. A member of the newly formed Research Committee guided the discussions and prepared a presentation on that area for the next day's meeting of the Highway Seismic Research Council (see related article on page 26).


NCEER Bulletin, Vol. 7, No. 4, October 1993, page 25

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