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Highway Seismic Research Council

by Ian M. Friedland

95OctPhoto1.jpg (36454 bytes)The Annual Meeting of NCEER Highway Project participants was held on October 5-7, 1995 in Buffalo, New York. The Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for the members of the Highway Seismic Research Council (HSRC), the project advisory committee, to review research progress and results, provide recommendations on future work, and assist in coordinating Highway Project studies and deliverables with other earthquake research programs and end-user implementation organizations. The meeting was well attended by both HSRC members and project researchers.

The meeting convened with a welcome by NCEER Director George Lee and a review of the preceding year’s progress and accomplishments by NCEER Deputy Director Ian Buckle. Presentations were then made on several important Highway Project studies. These included the following:

Following these presentations, a series of overview presentations were made on the progress within each major project technical area. This was then following by working group meetings in each area which provided for in-depth discussion on each research task, including the research approach and expected end-products. Presentations and working group sessions were coordinated by members of the Highway Project Research Committee as follows: Maurice Power - Seismic Hazard and Ground Motion; John Mander - Design Issues and Details; Ian Buckle - Performance and Design Criteria, and Analysis and Protective Systems; Masanobu Shinozuka - Fragility and Risk; and Geoffrey Martin - Foundations and Soils.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the HSRC provided a report noting it's comments and recommendations with respect to Highway Project direction along with individual research tasks. Researchers were congratulated for their efforts and progress made to date, and suggestions regarding the need for improved coordination in several technical areas were provided.


NCEER Bulletin, Vol. 9, No. 4, October 1995

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