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NCEER’s Assistant Director Chairs TCLEE Transportation Technical Committee

NCEER Assistant Director for Bridges and Highways Ian M. Friedland has been appointed as chair of the Transportation Committee of the ASCE Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering (TCLEE). Ian replaces NCEER affiliate Jim Roberts of Caltrans who led the Committee for the past three years. TCLEE's stated objective is to elevate the state-of-the-art and practice of lifeline earthquake engineering through the participation of its members in the development of guidelines, pre-standards, and standards for seismic design and construction of lifelines; to serve as a primary resource for establishing broad consensus on lifeline seismic issues; to identify and prioritize research needs related to lifeline seismic planning, design, construction, and operation; and to support and conduct programs for education and technology transfer.

The Transportation Committee is charged with studying problems of planning, design, construction, and operation of transportation lifelines, including highways, railroads, airports, and rapid transit, and coordinates with the TCLEE Ports and Harbors Committee to mitigate the effects of earthquakes and develop procedures through which sound design can be achieved for all transportation facilities.

The Transportation Committee is currently looking to add members with expertise in all transportation modes. Anyone interested in joining the Committee should contact Ian Friedland via email at or fax to (716) 645-3399.


NCEER Bulletin, October 1997, Vol. 11, No. 4, Page 15

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