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New Addition to IDARC Computer Programs: IDARC-BRIDGE

IDARC-BRIDGE, a program for three-dimensional nonlinear inelastic analyses of bridges, is the newest edition to the IDARC series of computer programs developed at the University at Buffalo (see report review on page 10). IDARC-BRIDGE allows many aspects of bridge behavior to be explicitly modeled. The program is an extension of the original IDARC-2D computer program to three dimensions and it can also be easily used for building analysis. The BRIDGE version has specific joint elements to simulate thermal displacements and other joint movements, and it has elements for special seismic bearing supports. Details of the program’s features, references to the analytical basis for them, and program availability information can be found on the IDARC web site.

An IDARC-BRIDGE users group has been created to provide support to program users and to help fund the continued development of the program (similar to the IDARC-2D users group). Members of the users group are eligible for support if problems arise during use of the program, and periodic updates will be sent as corrections and improvements are made. In addition, the authors will assist members of the users group with limited technical advice for special problems. Membership includes the latest version of IDARC-BRIDGE directly from the authors, and is currently free.

The IDARC-BRIDGE software can be obtained by downloading it from A link has also been provided from MCEER’s web site at under "Publications/Software." If problems are encountered when downloading the software, send an email message to


MCEER Bulletin, Spring 1999, Vol. 13, No. 2

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