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Project Team:

Salvatore Salamone

Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering; University at Buffalo

Guangwen Zhou, Mechanical Engineering, Binghamton University



SUNY/RF Collaboration Fund Grant

MCEER Investigator Receives SUNY/RF Research Collaboration Fund Grant to Develop Corrosion Monitoring System for Civil Infrastructures

The development of a new integrated corrosion monitoring system that can accurately forecast the remaining service life of civil infrastructures is the topic of a new research project led by MCEER investigator Salvatore Salamone, Assistant Professor, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, University at Buffalo and Guangwen Zhou, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Binghamton University.

Entitled “Collaborative Research to Advance Scientific Knowledge of the Mechanism of Corrosion in Civil Infrastructures,” the joint project will use an interdisciplinary structural engineering and material science approach to develop mitigation strategies to slow the rate of corrosion and the resulting progressive deterioration of civil infrastructures. The research framework will make use of recent advances in (1) sensor technologies, (2) statistical signal processing techniques, (3) atomic resolution electron microscopy and (4) quantitative in situ electron microscopy to address this national need.

To validate the proposed system, accelerated corrosion tests will be carried out at the Smart Structures Research Laboratory (SSRL) at the University at Buffalo. The research project is one of nine awards announced by the Research Foundation for The State University of New York (RF) as part of its SUNY/RF Research Collaboration Fund. Each project will receive up to $100,000. The projects were selected through a rigorous peer review process with panels comprising faculty from SUNY and New York’s private colleges and universities as well as industry representatives. Factors considered in the evaluation included: originality and significance of the research; student involvement; industry and other outreach efforts, and the ability to attract future federal, state, philanthropic or private funding.


Research Foundation for SUNY Announces Research Collaboration Fund Awards, Press Release, December 6, 2012