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Project Team

Adel Sadek

Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering;
University at Buffalo


Peer Exchange Meeting: Transportation Systems Modeling and Management in Inclement Weather Conditions


Travel Demand Modeling & Simulation at GBNRTC
Matt Grabau, Kimberly Smith, Mike Davis and Hal Morse, Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council

Lake Effect Bands and Highways Don’t Mix
David Zaff, NOAA/National Weather Service

Buffalo Winter Storm (December 1 – December 3, 2010)
Thomas Pericak, New York State Thruway Authority

Closure Notification and Communication Plan for the Buffalo Area Expressway Network
Mike Smith, Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (NITTEC)

Impact of Weather on Driver Behavior and Travel Demand: FHWA’s Activties
C.Y. David Yang, FHWA Office of Operations R&D
Roemer M. Alfelor, FHWA Office of Operations

Using Planning Models to Support Operations
Scott Smith, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

Using TRANSIMS for On-line Transportation System Management during Emergencies
Adel Sadek and Yunjie Zhao, University at Buffalo, the State University of New York

ITS Data Sharing and Systems Integration
Michael Pack, University of Maryland CATT Laboratory