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ANCER 2002 conference logoInternational Conference on Advances and New Challenges in Earthquake Engineering Research

August 15-20, 2002
Harbin and Hong Kong, China

In Honor of the Late Professor Liu Huixian

ANCER 2002


Harbin Conference Topics

The three-day international conference in Harbin will focus on advances and new challenges in earthquake engineering, emphasizing experiences and lessons learned from recent destructive earthquakes, and trends in earthquake engineering. Special features include: the first annual meeting of the Asian-Pacific Network of Centers for Earthquake Engineering Research (ANCER), and a tribute to the 90th anniversary of the birth of the late Professor Liu Huixian, founder of Chinese earthquake engineering and a well-known expert throughout the world.

The Harbin conference welcomes papers on the following main themes:

Sponsors include the China Seismological Bureau (CSB), Asian-Pacific Network of Centers for Earthquake Engineering Research (ANCER), The Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST, China), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSF, China), and The Ministry of Construction of China (MOC, China). The organizing committee members are Xiaozhai Qi, chairman; Xing Jin and Jianfa Huang, vice-chairmen; Jie Cui, Zhiqiu Wang and Ming Zhao, secretary general; and Junqi Lin, Xun Guo, Xuelan Zhang and Xingmin Hou, members.

Abstract Submittal Form

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For the Harbin Conference, submit this form to:

Professor Xiaozhai QI
Chairman of Harbin Organizing Committee
Director of Institute of Engineering Mechanics
China Seismological Bureau
9 Xufu Road, Harbin 150080, China
Tel: (86) 451-6652625; Fax: (86) 451-6664755


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