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2004 ANCER Annual Meeting:
Networking of Young Earthquake Engineering Researchers and Professionals

July 28-30, 2004, The Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, Honolulu, Hawaii

Technical Papers

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Center for Civil Engineering Earthquake Research

Displacement Based Analysis of Steel Girder Bridges with Ductile End Cross Frames
L.P. Carden, A.M. Itani and I.G. Buckle

Seismic Performance and Retrofit for Substandard Octagonal Single-Column Bents Supported on Pedestals
N.S. Johnson, M. Saiid Saiidi and A.M. Itani

Experimental Comparison of the Seismic Response of Welded and Threaded Hospital Piping Systems
E. Goodwin, E. Maragakis, E. and A. Itani

Finite Element Investigation of Steel Built-up Shear Links Subjected To Inelastic Deformations
P. Dusicka, A.M. Itani and I.G. Buckle

Earthquake Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Research Center

Analysis and Preliminary Experimental Study on Central Difference Method for Real-time Substructure Testing
B. Wu, Q. Wang, H. Bao and J. Ou

Characteristics of Active Forces in Structural Hybrid Mass Damper Control Systems
C.W. Zhang and J.P. Ou

Recent Advances of Structural Health Monitoring in Mainland China
J. Ou and H. Li

Recent Advances of Structural Vibration Control in Mainland of China
J.P. Ou and H. Li

Earthquake Engineering Research Test Center

A Semi-Active Variable Stiffness and Damping System for Vibration Control of Civil Engineering Structures
P. Tan, F. Zhou and W. Yan

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Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration

Method of Nonlinear Dynamic Response Analysis Based on Pattern of Self-Equilibrating Stresses
L.X. Zhang and J.R. Jiang

Post-Earthquake Field Loss Evaluation of Earthquake Hazard
J.Q. Lin, Z.H. Li and M.Y. Hu

Hybrid Slip Model for Predicting Near-field Strong Ground Motion
H. Wang and X. Tao

Site Characteristics by a Joint Surface Wave Investigation
L.J. Shi, X. Tao, R. Kayen and H. Shi

An Introduction to the Guidelines for Seismic Design of Buildings
L-L. Xie

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Korean Earthquake Engineering Research Center

Shear Strength and Capacity Protection of RC Bridge Columns
J-H. Lee, S-H. Ko, and J-H. Choi

An Equivalent Multi-Phase Similitude Law for Pseudodynamic Tests on Small-scale R/C Models: Numerical Simulation
S-P. Chang, J-H. Lee and N-S. Kim

Development of Remote Pseudo-Dynamic Test Method via internet
HT. Kim, Y.D. Kim, J.K. KIM

Structural Damage Detection Using Time Windowing Technique from Measured Acceleration During Earthquake
S-K. Park and H-S. Lee

KOCED Collaboratory Program
J.K. Kim

Seismic Design of Reduced Beam Section (RBS) Steel Moment Connections with Bolted Web Attachment
C-H. Lee and J-H. Kim

Direct Inelastic Earthquake Design Using Secant Stiffness
H-G. Park and T-S. Eom

Development of Failure Probability Analysis Method for Concrete Piers of Multi-Span Continous Bridges using the Probabilistic Capacity Spectrum Method
J.S. Choi and J.K. Kim

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Mid-America Earthquake Center

Integration of Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis with Nonlinear Aite Effects and Application to the Mississippi Embayment
D. Park and Y.M.A. Hashash

Barriers to Implementation of Performance Based Engineering: Lessons from the Tennessee 2003 International Building Code Hearing
S. Burns and A. Bostrum

Fragility Analysis Using a New 3D Damage Index
S.H. Jeong and A.S. Elnashai

Probabilistic Response of Interdependent Infrastructure Networks
L. Dueñas-Osorio, J.I. Craig, and B.J. Goodno

Induced Liquefaction and Time Effects on Field Cone Penetration Measurements in the New Madrid Seismic Zone
T. Liao and P.W. Mayne

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Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research

Investigation of the Structural Fuse Concept
R. Vargas and M. Bruneau

Evolutionary Methodologies for Decision Support
Yufeng Hu and Gary F. Dargush

Combined Hurricane and Earthquake Hazard Component Vulnerability Analysis
T.R. Norton and M.M. Abdullah

Innovative Techniques for Assessing the Behavior of Collapsing Structures
M. Sivaselvan and A.M. Reinhorn

Hazard Mitigation for Earthquake And Subsequent Fire
S.W. Chen, G.C. Lee and M. Shinozuka

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National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering

Applications of Optical Fiber Sensors for Structural Monitoring and Control
K.C. Chang, T.K. Lin and Y.B. Lin

Research and Application of Buckling Restrained Braces in Taiwan
J-W. Lai, Y-C. Huang, C-S. Weng, S-L. Lin and K-C. Tsai

Equivalent Damping Ratios of Structures with Supplemental Viscous Dampers
J-S. Hwang, S-L. Yi and S-Y. Ho

Reinforced Concrete Partition Walls Retrofitted with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
S-J. Hwang, Y-S. Tu, Y-H. Yeh and T-C. Chiou

International Collaboration on Pseudodynamic Tests of a Full-scale BRB Composite Frame
K-C. Tsai, P-C. Hsiao, J-W. Lai, Y-T. Weng, M-L. Lin and C-H. Chen

The Cable and Structural Analysis of an Earthquake-damaged Cable-Stayed Bridge
Z-K. Lee, K-C. Chang, C-H. Loh, C-C. Chen and C-C. Chou

Rolling Type Bearings for Equipment Isolation
S.N. Lee, K.C. Chang and J.S. Hwang

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Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center

OpenSees Beam on Nonlinear Winkler Foundation Modeling of Pile Groups in Liquefied and Laterally Spreading Ground in Centrifuge Tests Using OpenSees
S.J. Brandenberg and R.W. Boulanger

Structural Monitoring and Evaluation Tools at Caltech: Instrumentation and Real-Time Date Analysis
S.C. Bradford, T.H. Heaton and J.L. Beck

Fragility Function for Older RC Beam-Column Joints
L.N. Lowes and C. Pagni

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Research Center for Urban Hazard Mitigation

Confinement of Columns with Non-Seismic Detailing
W.Y.M. Chung and E.S.S. Lam

Experimental Study on Seismic Response Mitigation of Complex Structure Using Passive Friction Dampers
C-L. Ng and Y-L Xu

Hydraulic Displacement Amplification System for Energy Dissipation
T.S.K. Chung and E.S.S. Lam

Structural Behavior of Hybrid FRP-Concrete-Steel Double-Skin Tubular Columns
T. Yu, Y.L. Wong, J.G. Teng and S.L. Dong

Hybrid Identification Method for Multi-Story Buildings with Unknown Ground Motion
Y-L. Xu, X. Zhao, J. Chen and J. Li

Simulated Strong Ground Motion in Southern China based on Regional Seismographic Data and Stochastic Finite-Fault Model
Y. L. Wong and S.H. Zheng

Vibrations of Assymetric Wall-Frame Structures with Varying Mass and Stiffness along the Height
L.X. Wang, Z.P. Wen and K.T. Chau


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