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MCEER-INCEDE Center-to-Center Project

Supported on the U.S side. by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and on the Japanese side by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), MCEER and the International Center for Disaster-Mitigation Engineering (INCEDE) at the University of Tokyo are conducting a three-year co-operative project to develop post-earthquake response and reconstruction strategies for urban regions. The Center-to-Center project brings together researchers who are studying the Northridge (Los Angeles, USA) and Great Hanshin (Kobe, Japan) earthquakes to collect data and analyze and synthesize research findings, using that research as a basis for formulating lessons on the management of urban earthquake disasters. Based on extensive discussions, Japanese and U.S. project participants agreed to focus on three general areas of research:

Additionally, both sides have expressed a strong interest in exploring techniques for rapid damage assessment and loss estimation modeling that can aid response, restoration, repair, and recovery decisionmaking following major urban earthquake events.

The activities that are being carried out as part of the Center-to-Center project include:

A selected list of publications from these activities and links to other Web pages is available.


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