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Thomas D. O'Rourke head shot

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY



Fourth Japan – U.S. Workshop on Earthquake Resistant Design of Lifeline Facilities and Countermeasures Against Soil Liquefaction

The Fourth U.S. – Japan Workshop on Earthquake Resistant Design of Lifeline Facilities and Countermeasures Against Soil Liquefaction, sponsored by the Association for the Development of Earhtquake Prediction (ADEP), was held at the Tokai Pacific Center of Tokai University in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 27-29, 1992. The conveners of the event were Professor M. Hamada of Tokai University and Professor T. O’Rourke of Cornell University. Over 100 representatives from Japanese and U.S. academic, engineering and government organizations attended the workshop.

Speakers focused on topics related to liquefaction, its effect on lifelines and countermeasures to mitigate damage to these facilities. Four working groups, the first divided into two topic areas, produced reports on issues regarding: modeling large ground deformation, and experience during past earthquakes; damage assessment of lifeline facilities and underground structures; damage assessment of lifeline networks and recovery; and countermeasures and earthquake resistant design.

Another highlight of the workshop was the availability of Japanese and U.S. case studies on liquefaction and lifeline performance during past earthquakes. This two volume set provides a detailed analysis of ten earthquakes in Japan, the United States and the Philippines.

The workshop was the fourth in a series which addresses liquefaction and its effects on lifelines. The workshops are part of U.S.-Japan cooperative research program, jointly sponsored by NCEER and ADEP. The program was initiated formally in November 1988 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations. The document was signed at a ceremony during the first workshop in Tokyo, Japan, by Professor K. Kubo on behalf of ADEP and Professor M. Shinozuka on behalf of NCEER.

Proceedings from the Fourth Japan-U.S. Workshop cover case history, data, analytical modeling, experimental studies and recommendations for improved modeling, siting, design, and construction of lifeline facilities.