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Nonstructural Components Research: Selected Reports


  MCEER-07-0022   S. Fathali and A. Filiatrault  $35.00 Experimental Seismic Performance Evaluation of Isolation/Restraint Systems for Mechanical Equipment; Part 2: Light Equipment Study.

  MCEER-07-0013   E.R. Goodwin, E.M. Maragakis and A.M. Itani  $35.00
Experimental Evaluation of the Seismic Performance of Hospital Piping Subassemblies.

  MCEER-07-0007   S. Fathali and A. Filiatrault  $30.00
Experimental Seismic-Performance Evaluation of Isolation/Restraint Systems for Mechanical Equipment; Part I: Heavy Equipment Study.

 MCEER-07-0001   C. Kafali, S. Fathali, M. Grigoriu and A.S. Whittaker    $25.00
Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction for Rigid Blocks


  MCEER-06-0002   G.P. Cimellaro, A.M. Reinhorn and M. Bruneau  $30.00
Multidimensional Fragility of Structures.

  MCEER-06-0001   H. Badillo-Almaraz, A.S. Whittaker, A.M. Reinhorn and G.P. Cimellaro  $35.00
Seismic Fragility of Suspended Ceiling Systems.


  MCEER-05-0005   A. Wanitkorkul and A. Filiatrault  $35.00
Simulation of Strong Ground Motions for Seismic Fragility Evaluation of Nonstructural Components in Hospitals.


  MCEER-04-0001   E.D. Wolff, M.C. Constantinou  $30.00
Experimental Study of Seismic Isolation Systems with Emphasis on Secondary System Response and Verification of Accuracy of Dynamic Response History Analysis Methods.


  MCEER-01-0003   C. Roth and M. Grigoriu  $35.00
Sensitivity Analysis of Dynamic Systems Subjected to Seismic Loads.


  MCEER-00-0005   W.H. Chong, T.T. Soong  $25.00
Sliding Fragility of Unrestrained Equipment in Critical Facilities.


  MCEER-99-0014   A. Kao, T.T. Soong and A. Vender  $25.00
Nonstructural Damage Database.
The nonstructural components database (as of September 1999) in WinZip Access format can be downloaded from here.

  MCEER-99-0008   G.S. Johnson, R.E. Sheppard, M.D. Quilici, S.J. Eder and C.R. Scawthorn  $35.00
Seismic Reliability Assessment of Critical Facilities: A Handbook, Supporting Documentation, and Model Code Provisions.


  NCEER-94-0020   V.Lambrou, M.C.Constantinou  $20.00
Study of Seismic Isolation Systems for Computer Floors.


  NCEER-93-0022   K.Porter, G.Johnson, M.Zadeh, C.Scawthorn, S.Eder  $20.00
Seismic Vulnerability of Equipment in Critical Facilities: Life-Safety and Operational Consequences.

  NCEER-93-0014   G.Chen, T.T.Soong  $20.00
An Energy Approach to Seismic Analysis and Design of Secondary Systems.

  NCEER-93-0013   M.P.Singh, L.E.Suarez, E.E.Matheau, G.O.Maldonado  $20.00
Simplified Procedures for Seismic Design of Nonstructural Components and Assessment of Current Code Provisions.

  NCEER-93-0007   K.Kosar, T.T.Soong, K.L.Shen, J.A.Holung, Y.K.Lin  $15.00
Seismic Testing of Installation Methods for Computers and Data Processing Equipment.

  NCEER-93-0003   T.Soong, G.Chen, Z.Wu, R-H.Zhang, M.Grigoriu  $15.00
Assessment of the 1991 NEHRP Provisions for Nonstructural Components and Recommended Revisions.


  NCEER-92-0012   G.F.Demetriades, M.C.Constantinou, A.M.Reinhorn  $15.00
Study of Wire Rope Systems for Seismic Protection of Equipment in Buildings.


  NCEER-90-0013   G.D.Manolis, G.Juhn, M.C.Constantinou, A.M.Reinhorn  $15.00
Secondary Systems in Base-Isolated Structures: Experimental Investigation, Stochastic Response and Stochastic Sensitivity.

  NCEER-90-0002   D.C.K.Chen, L.D.Lutes  $15.00
Nonnormal Secondary Response Due To Yielding in a Primary Structure.


  NCEER-89-0031   Y.Ibrahim, M.Grigoriu, T.T.Soong  $10.00
Random Vibration and Reliability Analysis of Primary-Secondary Structural Systems.

 NCEER-89-0030   Y.Q.Chen, T.T.Soong  $15.00
Seismic Behavior and Response Sensitivity of Secondary Structural Systems.

  NCEER-89-0016   P.D.Spanos, M.P.Mignolet  $10.00
ARMA Monte Carlo Simulation in Probabilistic Structural Analysis.

  NCEER-89-0003   G.Q.Cai, Y.K.Lin  $10.00
Hysteretic Columns Under Random Excitations.

 NCEER-89-0001   J.A.HoLung  $15.00
Effects of Protective Cushion and Soil Compliancy on the Response of Equipment Within a Seismically Excited Building.


  NCEER-88-0030   D.C.K.Chen, L.D.Lutes  $10.00
Nonnormal Accelerations Due to Yielding in a Primary Structure.

  NCEER-88-0020   J.N.Yang, S.Sarkani, F.X.Long  $10.00
A Response Spectrum Approach for Analysis of Nonclassically Damped Structures.

  NCEER-88-0019   G.D.Manolis, G.Juhn, A.M.Reinhorn  $10.00
Experimental Investigation of Primary-Secondary System Interaction.

  NCEER-88-0012   G.Q.Cai, Y.K.Lin  $10.00
A New Solution Technique for Randomly Excited Hysteretic Structures.

  NCEER-88-0011   F.M.LaVelle, L.A.Bergman, P.D.Spanos  $10.00
Seismic Floor Response Spectra for a Combined System by Green's Functions.

  NCEER-88-0005   P.D.Spanos, R.Ghanem  $10.00
Stochastic Finite Element Expansion for Random Media.

  NCEER-88-0004   A.Singhal, L.D.Lutes, P.D.Spanos  $10.00
Iterative Seismic Analysis of Primary-Secondary Systems.

  NCEER-88-0003   G.D.Manolis, G.Juhn  $10.00
Substructuring Techniques in the Time Domain for Primary-Secondary Structural Systems.


  NCEER-87-0020   J.R.Red-Horse, P.D.Spanos  $10.00
A Nonstationary Solution in Random Vibration Theory.