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Nonstructural Components Research Articles

Articles from MCEER's Research Progress and Accomplishments Volumes

Seismic Response Modification of Structural and Nonstructural Systems and Components in Acute Care Facilities (2003-2004) (PDF 2.14 MB)

Amjad Aref, Michel Bruneau, Michael Constantinou, Andre Filiatrault (Coordinating Author), George C. Lee, Andrei Reinhorn, and Andrew Whittaker

Development of Fragility Information for Structures and Nonstructural Components (1999-2000) (PDF 0.47 MB)

Masanobu Shinozuka

MCEER Bulletin Articles

MCEER Researchers & Partners Team up for Seminar on Seismic Protection of Piping (Summer 2007)

MCEER’s ASHRAE Consortium Investigates Performance of Roof-Top Air Handling Units (Summer 2007)

Nonstructural Components Simulator to Launch in Fall 2007 (Summer 2007)

Decision Support Tools Aid Hospital Administrators (Spring 2006)

Articles from MCEER's Student Research Progress and Accomplishments Volumes

Seismic Response of Hybrid Systems with Metallic and Viscous Dampers (2004-2005) (PDF 0.62 MB)

Ramiro E. Vargas, University at Buffalo; advisor, M. Bruneau

Estimation of Kinetic Friction Coefficient for Sliding Rigid Block Nonstructural Components (2004-2005)  (PDF 0.66 MB)

Cagdas Kafali, Cornell Univesity; advisor, M. Grigoriu

Global Fragility Evaluation of Health Care Facilities with Structural and Nonstructural Components (2003-2004) (PDF 0.29 MB)

Gian Paolo Cimellaro, University at Buffalo; advisor: Michel Bruneau

Fragility Based Rehabilitation Decision Analysis (PDF 0.32 MB)

Cagdas Kafali, Cornell University; advisor: Mircea Grigoriu

A Novel Nonlinear Control System with Emphasis on Nonstructural Performance (2003-2004) (PDF 0.27 MB)

Xin Xu, University at Buffalo; advisor: Gary Dargush

Seismic Fragility Testing of Suspended Ceilling Systems (2002-2003) (PDF 0.37 MB)

Hiram Badillo-Almaraz, University at Buffalo; advisor: Andrew S. Whittaker

Seismic Behavior Of Welded Hospital Piping Systems (2002-2003) (PDF 0.53 MB)

Elliott Goodwin, University of Nevada; Reno; advisor: Emmanuel Maragakis

Advanced Composite Multi-infill Panels for Seismic Retrofitting (2002-2003) (PDF 0.83 MB)

Wooyoung Jung; Graduate Student; University at Buffalo; advisor: Amjad J. Aref

Seismic Performance Assessment by Fragility and Loss Estimation (2002-2003) (PDF 0.43 MB)

Cagdas Kafali, Cornell University; advisor: Mircea Grigoriu

Probabilistic Evaluation of the Separation Distance between Adjacent Systems (2001-2002) (PDF 0.23 MB)

Diego Lopez Garcia; University at Buffalo; advisor: Tsu-Teh Soong

MCEER Hospital Demonstration Project (2001-2002) (PDF 0.18 MB)

Tsung Yuan Yang, University at Buffalo; advisor: Andrew S. Whittaker

Sliding Fragility of Rerained Block-type Nonstructural Compponents under seismic Base Excitations (2000-2001) (PDF 0.16 MB)

Diego Lopez Garcia, University at Buffalo

Fragility Curves for Non-Structural Systems (2000-2001) (PDF 0.28 MB)

Ehab M. Mostafa, Cornell University

Experimental Investigation of P-Delta Effects on Columns during Earthquakes (2000-2001) (PDF 0.09 MB)

Darren Vian, University at Buffalo

Student Research Posters

Experimental Seismic Performance Evaluation of ASHRAE-type Isolation/Restraint Systems (2006) (PDF 7.65 MB)

Saeed Fathali; University at Buffalo; advisor: A. Filiatrault

Application of Fragility-Based Decision Support Methodologies (2006) (PDF 0.98 MB)

Cagdas Kafali; Cornell University; advisor: M. Grigoriu

Experimental Study on the Seismic Behavior of Nonstructural Components Subjected to Full-Scale Floor Motions (2006)  (PDF 3.39 MB)

Rodrigo Retamales, University at Buffalo; advisors: G. Mosqueda, A. Filiatrault and A.M. Reinhorn

Experimental Evaluation of the Seismic Performance of Hospital Piping Subassemblies (2005) (PDF 0.75 MB)

Robert Corbin, University of Nevada, Reno; advisor: E. Maragakis

Fragility Based Rehabilitation Decision Analysis (2005) (PDF 3.35 MB)

Cagdas Kafali, Cornell University; advisor: Mircea Grigoriu

Sturctural Control with Emphasis on Nonstructural Components (2005) (PDF 0.47 MB)

Xin Xu and Shashi Kant Mishra, University at Buffalo; advisor: Gary F. Dargush