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Project Descriptions

Nonstructural Components

(part of Thrust Area 2:  Seismic Retrofit of Acute Care Facilities)

9.2.1: Experimental Seismic Fragility Assessment of Medical Equipment in Acute Care Facilities (pdf)

A. Filiatrault, University at Buffalo

9.2.2: Controlling Response of Structural and Nonstructural Components and Systems in Acute Care Facilities by Passive Displacement-Activated Damping and Isolation Mechanisms (pdf)

M. Bruneau, University at Buffalo

9.2.6: Semi-Passive Control of Buildings and Contents (pdf)

G. Lee, University at Buffalo

9.2.8: Performance of Secondary Systems in Structures with Seismic Protective Systems (pdf)

M. Constantinou, University at Buffalo

9.2.10: Experimental Seismic Fragility of Nonstructural Components in Acute Care Facilities Sensitive to Full-Scale Floor Excitations (pdf)

G. Mosqueda, University at Buffalo

9.2.11: Experimental Data for Performance of Piping Distribution Systems:  Use of Solid and Innovative Bracing Systems (pdf)

M. Maragakis, University of Nevada, Reno

9.2.12: Seismic Rehabilitation Decision Analysis for Acute Care Facilities (pdf)

D.von Winterfeldt, University of Southern California