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Old Bridge parallel to I-110 over Back Bay of Biloxi
Harrison County, Mississippi

Location: N30-24-49.4, W88-53-32.1

After construction of the new interstate bridge, the old bridge between Biloxi with D’Iberville was converted for recreational use. It has been serving as a fishing pier for pedestrians only and closed to vehicular traffic.

Multiple spans were completely lost during the storm and several sections of the sidewalk area broke off and are dangling from the east side of the bridge. According to a nearby resident, an entire section of the bridge, including the substructure disappeared into the water. See photo below.

An entire section of the bridge disappeared into the water.

Photo: J. O'Connor (for MCEER)

A large section of the sidewalk and railing is missing from the east side of the bridge.

Photo: J. O'Connor (for MCEER)

The railing missing from the east side is seen dangling below the bridge.

Photo: J. O'Connor (for MCEER)

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