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Apartment Building
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Location: 30.31974, W89.33379

The “Notre Dame de la Mer Manor Apartments” in Bay Saint Louis, MS suffered only minor damage despite being located in one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. The four story reinforced concrete shear wall building shown in Figure 1 is located on US-90 about 0.5 miles west of the St. Louis Bay Shoreline. Powerful storm surge and winds in the area are evident by the misplaced cars in the parking lot shown in Figure 1 and trees falling onto the building in Figure 2. The only damage identified on this building appeared to be one broken window in the rear of the building (Figure 3) and a collapsed canopy at the main entrance. Windows in the upper stories of the building were open at the time of inspection, indicating that residents had returned to the building.

Figure 1: Four story apartment building in Bay St. Louis, MS

Photo: K. Porter (for MCEER)

Figure 2: Tree falling over building.

Photo: K. Porter (for MCEER)

Figure 3: One broken window was the only damage observed on this building.

Photo: K. Porter (for MCEER)

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