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Chalmette Medical Center
9001 Patricia St, Chalmette, Louisiana

Chalmette Medical Center

170 certified beds

Closed. No remediation appears to be underway.

Of the hospital sites visited to date, this hospital’s buildings and their contents appear to be the most severely damaged by the hurricane and subsequent major flooding. Besides obvious and relatively high water marks on all exterior walls (reaching at least six feet from street level), the adjacent landscape and hardscape are covered with 1-2 inches of a sludge-like deposit. Extensive mold damage appears to have resulted from a lack of electrical power and air conditioning. Several exterior walls have been removed or significantly destroyed, exposing the broken and contaminated contents within.

Current Challenges:

Sources on site suggested that the facility is likely to be condemned, thanks to the overwhelming amount of possibly irreparable damage. Certainly, the lack of apparent remediation at this site suggests an uncertain future for this facility.

Submitted by Lucy Arendt and Daniel Hess
October 6, 2005

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