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Charity Hospital
1532 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana

Location: N 29.95576, W 90.07767

The 13-story Charity Hospital of New Orleans was put out of service by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding to the city. Various windows on all side of the building were broken, likely resulting in water and wind damage to the interiors at the upper stories. Watermarks showing the height of flooding indicate that the first floor entry level, elevated about four feet from the street level, was not flooded. The basement, however, was still flooded at the time of inspection. No remediation efforts appeared to be underway as in Tulane Hospital located one city block away. Figure 1 shows the north façade of the main building with a close-up view of the damaged windows in Figure 2. Figure 3 shows the south façade of the building.

Figure 1: Charity Hospital of New Orleans.

Photo: G. Mosqueda (for MCEER)

Figure 2: Broken windows on the north facade.

Photo: G. Mosqueda (for MCEER)

Figure 3: South façade of Charity Hospital with various broken windows.

Photo: G. Mosqueda (for MCEER)

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