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Energy Centre Building and Parking Structure
1100 block of Poydras Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

Location: N 29.95041, W 90.07547

The 40 story building on the southeast corner of Poydras St. and Loyola Ave. did not suffer any major damage and appeared to be in limited service. The building has not been able to recover to fully operational because the water in the regions is not potable. Building tenants are allowed into the building only for limited hours. Four windows that were damaged during the storm have already been replaced. Figure 1 is a picture of the south side of the building. The only remaining visible damage consisted broken windows on the two upper stories that housed mechanical equipment. The main entry area also had a few soffit tiles missing. Figure 2 shows the broken windows which housed mechanical equipment and Figure 3 shows the damaged soffit at the main entry. The associated parking structure to the south of the building had windows broken on the first story as shown in Figure 4. This building is located at the 1100 block of Poydras Street, in the central business district.

Figure 1: East façade of 40 story office building in Central Business District.

Photo: G. Mosqueda (for MCEER)

Figure 2: North West façade with various broken windows.

Photo: G. Mosqueda (for MCEER)

Figure 3: Wind damage to soffit near main entrance.

Photo: K. Porter (for MCEER)

Figure 4: Damage to parking structure.

Photo: G. Mosqueda (for MCEER)

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