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Lindy Boggs Medical Center
301 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy, New Orleans, Louisiana

Lindy Boggs Medical Center

172 certified beds

Closed. No remediation appears to be underway. Staff on site report that some environmental assessment has occurred.

Of the sites visited to date, this one appears to have sustained the most flooding damage, as this neighborhood reportedly flooded quickly when a nearby levee was breached. Besides obvious and relatively high water marks on all exterior walls (reaching at least five feet from street level), the adjacent surface parking lot had approximately 100 vehicles that were completely submerged. The basement and first floor sustained the majority of direct flooding damage.

The hospital was at capacity (i.e., had a full patient census) immediately prior to the hurricane’s arrival. Loss of power and potable water contributed to deteriorating conditions within the hospital. Patients, staff, their families, and other refugees evacuated by boats, helicopters, and trucks to I-10 staging areas and elsewhere. Staff members report that evacuation was orderly, and that subsequent communication has been sufficient given the changing nature of critical information. Staff members also report probable layoff within the month.

Current Challenges:
Lack of power and potable water. As one of several Tenet-owned medical facilities in New Orleans, it seems that resources allocation to this facility will depend on its likely contribution to the parent portfolio of investment properties. The lack of apparent remediation at this site, alongside the extensive remediation at its “sister” site, Memorial Medical Center, suggests an uncertain future for this facility.

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