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Office Building
1555 Poydras Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

Location:  N 29.95218, W 90.07909

This 22-story high rise building across the street from the Superdome houses retail space at the ground floor and offices above. The building structural system is reinforced concrete frame with a reinforced concrete elevator core and post-tensioned concrete slabs. The roof, built of two plies of insulation board (3.0 isoboard) with double-ply membrane, had recently been replaced, and performed well. The metal façade of the roof equipment penthouse was destroyed.

The building experienced 1 ft of flooding, which caused damage to finishes at the ground floor and flooding of elevator pits. The ground-floor electrical equipment was only an inch or so above the water level and remained functional. The building had extensive damage to its double-paned glass curtain wall, with 50 to 100 outer panes of glass fractured, and 5 windows where both inner and outer panes were fractured. Figure 1 is a picture of the south façade and Figure 2 is a picture from the north. As of 6 Oct 2005, the building has electric power but because it lacks potable water it cannot be certified for re-occupancy, although some tenants are eager to return to work.

Figure 1: South façade of office building

Photo: K. Porter (for MCEER)

Figure 2: North façade of office building

Photo: K. Porter(for MCEER)

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