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The Plaza Tower
800 block of Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana

Location: N 29.94571, W 90.07616 (approximate)

The 41-story Plaza Tower located at the intersection of Howard and Loyola is a reinforced concrete frame building with various setback up to the 16th level. The mushroom top extends the square footage of the top three stories. The south side of the building houses an eight level parking structure with sheet metal cladding, where five of the metal sheets were missing, likely due to the strong winds. On the north façade, at least one precast cladding panel had been lost. Broken windows were spotted all around the building, with the majority concentrated on the lower stories of the north and west façade. The building did not appear to be in service.

Figure 1: North façade of the Plaza Tower office building

Photo: K. Porter (for MCEER)

Figure 2: Precast cladding panel knocked out by storm on north façade

Photo: G. Mosqueda (for MCEER)

Figure 3: Missing corrugated metal sheets exposing parking structure on south facade.

Photo: G. Mosqueda (for MCEER)

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