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Private residence, 57000 Highway 39
Bogalusa, Louisiana

woman looks at yard

Her home was damaged by falling trees.

This resident talks with Jim Jensen about her experiences during the hurricane.

This 63-year old woman lives by herself and stayed in her home throughout Hurricane Katrina. She did not have power for an extended period of time. Indeed, it took two days for anyone to come and look in on her after the Hurricane made landfall.

She had extensive damage to her home because of fallen trees. Although the storm had left her private well and piping functioning, machinery use subsequent to the storm resulted in damage to both her well and piping.

She reported never being told to boil her water and felt that her water has always been safe to drink. She did report receiving bottled water and waterless hand sanitizer from the local emergency distribution center.

This respondent single-handedly runs the only animal shelter in all of Washington Parish. She took on animal sheltering responsibilities after the storm, and numerous neighbors who had evacuated contacted her to rescue the pets they had left behind. At one time, she had up to 60-80 animals living in her home with her.

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