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Private residence, Downtown
Bogalusa, Louisiana

This resident stayed in/outside his home after the hurricane.


This 42 year-old man spent the night before the Hurricane at a truck stop but then stayed in/outside his home for the rest of the post-hurricane period. He pitched a tent in his front yard and cooked on a camping stove for several weeks.

His electricity did not work for several weeks and, thus, neither did the electric stove in his kitchen. He was aware of “boil water” orders because he heard an announcement on the radio. He did boil water using his camping stove but that water was primarily used for cooking, washing, etc. Again, he too used bottled water, as opposed to boiled water, for drinking. He suggested that another way of publicizing this information could be to have police cars driving down streets making announcements over a loud speaker.

This respondent was very proud of the way his neighborhood has come together to support each other in the post-hurricane period. He hoped that this feeling of collegiality would last.

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