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St. Charles Specialty Hospital
3700 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana

St. Charles Specialty Hospital

168 certified beds

Closed. Remediation continues.

Little structural damage. Flood damage on ground floor (no basement). Water damage throughout facility where water entered through window air conditioning vents and flowed down the walls.

Patients evacuated and bagged by clinical staff in personal vehicles to Alexandria, LA by Tuesday, August 30. All staff members, their families, and pets evacuated by Wednesday, September 1. Pharmaceuticals and food moved to upper floors and placed in unmarked rooms prior to evacuation. Despite apparent looting of ground floors, none of the pharmaceutical or food supplies was either discovered or taken. Emergency plan was closely observed. Key individual was permitted to evacuate early with her family, in part because another staff member was able to assume her role in the emergency plan.

Current Challenges:
Lack of power and potable water. Expenses, including for remediation, without revenue. All but two staff members on long-term lay-off. One of the only long-term acute care facilities in New Orleans.

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