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Tulane University Hospital
1415 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana

Tulane University Hospital

Size: 362 certified beds

Closed. No hospital administrators or staff on site. Extensive remediation underway, including demolition, removal, and drying of sheet rock and other materials on the first floor damaged by water.

No major damage expected at the second floor or above. No major equipment or generator damage. Some window breakage on upper floors.

According to news reports, Tulane staff and patients evacuated after flooding began. Evacuation assistance extended to Charity Hospital staff and patients.

Current challenges:
As is the case with many New Orleans hospitals, Tulane is in the midst of remediating flood and water damage, while also continuing to locate and communicate with staff. Based on the number of remediation personnel on the site, Tulane may well be operational within a relatively short time compared to other currently closed hospitals.

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