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US Courthouse
2300 Block of 15th St., Gulfport, Mississippi

Location: N 30.3699, W 89.08760

The US Courthouse in Gulfport, MS is a new engineered building. The building has been in service for about two years. The property manager for the facility noted that blast loads were considered in the design of this building and automobile barricades were placed around the perimeter. The eight story building was constructed of a steel frame with pre-cast concrete exterior cladding panels. The building site is about 28 feet above sea level and interior markings indicate a storm surge level of 2 feet. In addition to flooding, this building suffered minor nonstructural damage including three broken windows, seen on the right side of Figure 1, and some broken skylights. White internal storm shutters can be seen behind the broken windows that limited damage to the interior of the building at the upper stories. There was also evidence of impact damage to a stone cladding panel at the left exterior of the building about 8 ft above the ground. It is presumed that the impact was caused by an automobile carried by the storm surge that came to rest in the lot next door.

Currently, the building was not in service while restoration efforts were taking place to dry the interior of the building.

exterior of courthouse

Figure 1: Courthouse in Gulfport, MS.

Photo: G Mosqueda (for MCEER)

exterior of courthouse

Figure 2: Impact damage to exterior of courthouse.

Photo: G Mosqueda (for MCEER)

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