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Willa Villa Trailer Park
Bogalusa, Louisiana

Mobile home 1:

This man informed us that he stayed in his home throughout the storm. He did not have electricity for three weeks after Hurricane Katrina. Since the trailer park has its own well, the lack of electricity prevented pumping the well for water.

He primarily used bottled water for drinking; this came from a FEMA distribution site set up at the nearby airport. The distribution site also provided him with waterless hand sanitizer, which he used periodically after the storm.

He felt that he fared well compared to some of his neighbors who had trees fall on their homes.

woman in front of trailer

This woman evacuated on the Sunday before the hurricane made landfall.

Mobile home 2:

This 18-year old woman evacuated on the Sunday before Hurricane Katrina made landfall. She returned the following day because her family had not left and she wanted to check on them. She spent two days and nights driving around in search of her mother.

Because the trailer park did not have electricity for such a long period of time, she stayed with various relatives and friends during the post-hurricane period. She obtained bottled water and waterless hand sanitizer from the local distribution center. She heard of “boil water” orders for her community by word of mouth. Because of the lack of electricity, she would not have been able to boil. Once electricity came back, she was able to boil and used boiled water for cooking, bathing, etc. However, it was clear that boiled water would not be used for drinking; only bottled water would be used for drinking.

She strongly commended the National Guard who had assisted in the area.

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