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Xavier University Student Center
4900 block of Palmetto St., New Orleans, Louisiana

Location: N 29.96281, W 90.10516

This three-story reinforced-concrete student center at a major New Orleans university was three years old when Hurricane Katrina struck. It suffered minimal wind damage, some damaged flashing, and no broken windows or roof failure. The ground floor flooded to a depth of approximately 2-1/2 ft. However, mold reached the third floor. The environmental damage required demolition and replacement of all wallboard, wall insulation, suspended ceiling tiles, carpeting, and tilework at all three stories, demolition and replacement of underground electrical conduit, demolition and replacement of ductwork at the ground story, and cleaning of all ductwork at the second and third stories. Once floor finishes are removed, concrete slabs will be chemically treated. The building houses a cafeteria, bookstore, meeting rooms, and offices. Restoration may take more than six months.

Figure 1: North and west facades of the Xavier University Student Center.

Photo: K. Porter (for MCEER)

Figure 2: Mold on ground-floor cafeteria walls. Mold also affected carpets, walls, and ceilings in upper stories.

Photo: G. Mosqueda (for MCEER)

Figure 3: Demolition of cafeteria finishes.

Photo: K. Porter (for MCEER)

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