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Preliminary Damage Reports on Buildings

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Preliminary Damage Reports focus on large engineered structures such as commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and lifelines along the Gulf coast, from Mobile, Alabama, to New Orleans, Louisiana. The reports include a brief description of damage and photographs of the building being assessed. In addition, links to a GPS database hosted at Cornell University, a Data Collection Form used in the field (in Excel format), and additional photographs are available for some of the sites visited.

Team Members: Gilberto Mosqueda, Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, University at Buffalo and Keith Porter, California Institute of Technology

Reconnaissance Dates: September 6-11, 2005; October 5-11, 2005

Sites Visited:



Concrete Parking Structure, Biloxi, Mississippi

Grand Casino Bayview Parking Structure, Biloxi, Mississippi

Grand Casino Parking Structure, Biloxi, Mississippi

Gulfport Grand Casino Parking Structure, Gulfport, Mississippi

Hotel Parking Structure, Biloxi, Mississippi

Isle of Capris Parking Structure, Biloxi, Mississippi

Palace Casino Parking Structure, Biloxi, Mississippi

US Courthouse Garage Parking Structure, Gulfport, Mississippi


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