MCEER/NCREE Response to the Taiwan Earthquake, 9/21/99

MCEER Reconnaissance photographs
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    Set 1: Building Damage

86 photos by Dr. Michel Bruneau, MCEER and the University at Buffalo, October 3-5, 1999

Damage throughout the epicentral area

    Set 2: Reconnaissance Photos

33 photos by Dr. Masanobu Shinozuka, MCEER and the University of Southern California, October 3-5, 1999

Shih-kang Dam, MCEER Workshop Participants

    Set 3: Bridge Damage

26 photos by Dr. Ian G. Buckle, MCEER and the University of Nevada-Reno, October 3-5, 1999

Damage to bridges in the epicentral area, including the Ming-tsu Bridge, Wu-shi Bridge, E-jian Bridge, Shi-wei Bridge, Tong-tou Bridge, Mao-luo-shi Bridge, Ji-lu Bridge

    Set 4: Critical Facilities

44 photos by Dr. T.T. Soong, MCEER and the University at Buffalo; Dr. George C. Yao, NCREE and the National Cheng Kung University; Dr. Michel Bruneau, MCEER and the University at Buffalo

    Critical facilities visited between October 3-5, 1999, including hospitals, schools, police stations and other public buildings.  The photographers have continued to investigate post-earthquake damage in the area, and have focused on three hospitals: the Christian Hospital and the Veteran's Hospital in Puli and the Shiu-Tuan Hospital in Nantou County.