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    Set 1: Photos by Dr. Michel Bruneau

56 photos
Electrical transmission towers, factory damage, steel storage silos, soft-story collapses in Adaparazi,. beam-to-column connections, foundation bearing pressure failure, shear wall retrofit, soil failures on two buildings in Adaparazi, wood structures, masonry building damage, non-ductile columns, school buildings, concrete plant, ductile buckling, chevron braced frames, collapsed cooling towers, petroleum chemical facility, damage in Izmit, ground settlement around the Ford plant in Golcuk, leaning columns at Ford plant.

    Set 2: Photos by Dr. John Mander

28 photos
foundation failures, fault displacement, electrical transmission towers,  naval academy damage, ground deformation, quayside damage, port facilities, masonry infilled reinforced concrete frames, Ford factory damage.

    Set 3: Dr. William Mitchell

52 photos
post-disaster shelter, tent cities, disaster relief, army personnel mobilizing, debris, clean-up operations.

    Set 4: Photos by Dr. Charles Scawthorn, taken 8/24/99

35 photos
fault displacement, reinforced concrete frames, Ford factory damage,  soft first stories, damaged apartment buildings, mosques, masonry infill buildings, cranes and other port facilities, lateral spreading, electrical transformers, cladding damage.

    Set 5: Photos by Dr. Charles Scawthorn, taken 8/25/99

39 photos
Mosques, soft first stories,  masonry infilled reinforced concrete frames, buildings with large lateral drift.