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World Trade Center AttacksThe September 11 Terrorist Attack: Sources and Materials

MCEER offers its sincerest sympathies to all those who have been victimized by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. As one small, initial contribution to the recovery effort, we have begun compiling informational materials concerning areas of the center's own expertise, in particular disaster management and disaster resistant building design, which overlap with efforts to deal with the havoc and destruction wrought by the terrorist attacks.

Sources and Materials


Sources and Materials For Children

One of the big questions facing parents and teachers is how to talk to children about the recent terrorist events in New York and Washington. Some terrorism-specific information is available at:

Other general guidelines about helping children in a disaster are also helpful. Go to:

If your children or students would like to submit artwork of support or sympathy to first responders or victims, go to:


Additionally, the American Library Association's Booklist staff, especially Stephanie Zvirin, has also prepared a list of books for Children about terrorism (appended below) and some FAQ's at

  • Political Violence and Terrorism. Ed. by Mary Hull.
         A worldwide perspective on the the problem of terrorism
  • Terrorism by Anne G. Gaines.
         The focus is on the Middle East with some insight on how the U.S. is affected.
  • Silent Death by Kathlyn Gay.
         This focuses on chemical and biological weapons and warfare and terrorism.
  • Why Do They Hate Me? by Laurel Holliday
         Accounts of children caught in conflict in Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine.
  • Caught in the Crossfire by Maria Ousseimi.
         Words and pictures of children around the globe whose lives have been altered by civil war, terrorism and violence.



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