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Researchers using VIEWS after the South Asian Tsunami

Researchers used VIEWS™ in the field after the 2004 South Asian Tsunami

Visualizing Impacts of Earthquakes with Satellites

Developed with MCEER funding by ImageCat, Inc., VIEWS™ is a notebook-based system, which integrates GPS-registered digital video footage, digital photographs and observations with high-resolution satellite imagery collected before and after a disaster. It operates in conjunction with a digital camera and digital video recorder and can be deployed either from a moving vehicle or on foot during a walking tour.

Virtual Reconnaissance System

VRS interface

The VRS interface allows users to see satellite images, GPS readings, georeferenced video and photographic records on the desktop.

In order to integrate, share, visualize and ultimately analyze post-disaster reconnaissance field data collected using VIEWS, MCEER is developing a tandem internet-and desktop-based virtual reconnaissance system named the VRS. The system provides researchers with easy access to the satellite imagery, GPS readings and geo-referenced video and photographic records.