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Sixth Remote Sensing Workshop Held

6th remote sensing workshop group photo

Participants at the workshop pose in front of
the state-of-the-art EUCENTRE.

Over 40 remote sensing and GIS researchers and industry professionals gathered at the EUCENTRE, the state-of-the-art earthquake research facility located at Italy’s University of Pavia, for the Sixth International Workshop on Remote Sensing for Disaster Response. Held September 11-12, 2008 and hosted by Paolo Gamba, the workshop was the latest annual installment in a series begun in 2003.

Following welcoming remarks by the University of Pavia’s Gamba and EUCENTRE director Michel Calvi, Ronald Eguchi, director of MCEER’s Remote Sensing Institute, introduced participants to the newly-launched Virtual Disaster Viewer (VDV), for the 2008 Sichuan China Earthquake. The VDV was sponsored by MCEER in collaboration with EERI, EPICentre at University College London, the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team.

photo of participants at table

Attendees at the conference banquet had a view of the Ticino River.

Invited speaker Adina Gillespie, University College London, presented “The International Charter: Space and Major Disasters.” A discussion chaired by ImageCat’s Beverley Adams followed, examining constraints and opportunities for the academic community and other value-adding service providers in accessing data provided by the Charter.

The two-day event featured cutting edge research presented using EUCENTRE’s high-tech multimedia facilities. Sessions focused on the use of satellite, aerial and GPS technologies to support post-disaster damage response and recovery activities for multiple hazards spanning earthquake, windstorm, tsunami and flooding.

Participants were also treated to some highlights of cultural Pavia, including a walking tour of the city and fine conference banquet overlooking the Ticino River. The event was sponsored by MCEER, the USGS, EERI, the University of California at Irvine, the University of Pavia and the Telecommunications and Remote Sensing Laboratory of the Department of Electronics and the EUCENTRE at the University of Pavia, and ImageCat, Inc.

The Seventh International Workshop on Remote Sensing will be held in Austin, Texas in September 2009, hosted by Dr. Ellen Rathje. For further details, please contact or . Past workshops have been held in Irvine (2003) and Newport Beach (2004), California, Chiba, Japan (2005), Cambridge, UK (2006), and Washington DC (2007), with Proceedings available on CD-Rom.