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Emergency Response and Recovery Articles

Research Progress and Accomplishments Articles

Improving Earthquake Loss Estimation: Review, Assessment and Extension of Loss Estimation Methodologies (1997-1999) (PDF 0.83 MB)

Kathleen J. Tierney, Stephanie E. Chang, Ronald T. Eguchi, Adam Rose and Masanobu Shinozuka

Defining and Measuring Economic Resilience to Earthquakes (2003-2004) (PDF 0.48 MB)

Adam Rose

Assessing the Role of Lifeline Systems in Community Disaster Resilience (2003-2004) (PDF 0.63 MB)

Stephanie E. Chang and Christopher Chamberlin

Networks and Resilience in the World Trade Center Disaster (2003-2004) (PDF 0.47 MB)

Kathleen Tierney and Joseph Trainor

Application of High-Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery for Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment: The 2003 Boumerdes (Algeria) and Bam (Iran) Earthquakes (2003-2004) (PDF 1.41 MB)

Beverley J. Adams, Charles K. Huyck, Babak Mansouri, Ronald T. Eguchi and Masanobu Shinozuka

Resilient Disaster Response: Using Remote Sensing Technologies for Post-Earthquake Damage Detection (2001-2003) (PDF 2.35 MB)

Ronald T. Eguchi, Charles K. Huyck, Beverley J. Adams, Babak Mansouri, Bijan Houshmand and Masanobu Shinozuka

Resilient Community Recovery: Improving Recovery Through Comprehensive Modeling (2001-2003) (PDF 0.78 MB)

Stephanie E. Chang and Scott B. Miles

Understanding Sources of Economic Resiliency to Hazards: Modeling the Behavior of Lifeline Service Customers (2001-2003) (PDF 0.75 MB)

Adam Rose and Shu-Yi Liao

Advanced GIS for Loss Estimation and Rapid Post-Earthquake Assessment of Building Damage (2000-2001) (PDF 0.3 MB)

Thomas O'Rourke

Modeling Earthquake Impact on Urban Lifeline Systems: Advances and Integration (1999-2000) (PDF 0.19 MB)

Stephanie E. Chang (Coordinating Author); Adam Rose; Masanobu Shinozuka; Walter D. Svekla and Kathleen J. Tierney

The Marmara, Turkey Earthquake: Using Advanced Technology to Conduct Earthquake Reconnaissance (1999-2000) (PDF 0.36 MB)

Ronald T. Eguchi (Coordinating Author)

Restoration Activities Following the Marmara, Turkey Earthquake of August 17, 1999 (1999-2000) (PDF 0.19 MB)

Gary R. Webb

Human and Institutional Perspectives of the 921 Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake (1999-2000) (PDF 0.16 MB)

George C. Lee and Chin-Hsiung Loh

MCEER Bulletin Articles

New Remote Sensing-based Damage Scales Implemented For Katrina (Summer 2006)

IMS Applications Aid in Recovery Efforts (Summer 2006)

ImageCat wins Geospatial Solutions Contest

Remote Sensing for Disaster Response Workshop Focuses on Multi-Hazard Applications (Summer 2005)

Remote Sensing Technologies Applied Following South Asian Tsunami (Spring 2005)

MCEER Joins Multi-lateral Reconnaissance Team to Investigate the Effects of the Tsunami/Earthquake Tragedy in South Asia (Fall/Winter 2004)

Satellite Imagery Used in Reconnaissance Activities Following Hurricane Charley (Fall/Winter 2004)

UB EERI MCEER Seminar Series (Fall/Winter 2004)

MCEER Co-sponsors Workshop on the Application of Remote Sensing Technologies for Disaster Response (Spring 2004)

New VIEWS System Detects Earthquake Damage in Bam, Iran (Spring 2004)

MCEER Joins Team from Politecnico di Torino to Investigate Damage following the L’Aquila Earthquake (Spring/Summer 2009)

Report Showcases Decade of NSF-Sponsored MCEER Research (Spring/Summer 2009)

Fourth International Workshop on Remote Sensing Held at Cambridge University (Summer 2007)

IMS Applications Aid in Recovery Efforts (Summer 2006)

Student Research Accomplishments Articles

The Impact of the Y2K Threat on Hospital Emergency Preparedness (2001-2002) (PDF: 0.15 MB)

Rory Connell, University at Delaware; advisor: Kathleen Tierney

Elements of Community Resilience in the World Trade Center Attack (2001-2002) (PDF: 0.19 MB)

James Kendra and Tricia Wachtendorf, University at Delaware; advisor: Kathleen Tierney

Estimating Indirect Economic Losses from Electricity Lifeline Disruption Following Catastrophic Earthquake in Memphis, TN. (2000-2001) (PDF: 0.13 MB)

Gauri-Shankar Guha, Pennsylvania State University

Urban Damage Assessment from Remotely Sensed Images (2000-2001) (PDF: 1.2 MB)

Ali Rejale, University of Southern California; advisor: Masanobu Shinozuka

Rehabilitation Impediments and Incentives (2000-2001) (PDF: 0.08 MB)

Michael Kiley-Zufelt, University at Delaware

Student Research Posters

Modeling of Fire Following Earthquakes (2006) (PDF 0.86 MB)

Selina W. Lee; Cornell University; advisor: Rachel A. Davidson

Post-Earthquake Restoration Modeling for Water Supply Systems (2006) (PDF 1.36 MB)

Taronne H. P. Tabucchi, Cornell University; advisor: R. Davidson