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Project Team:


Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering;
University at Buffalo

Kiarash Dolatshahi

Graduate Student; Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering; University at Buffalo



Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAONY)

New York City Department of Buildings

Project Duration:

October 2008 – September 2012

Theoretical and Computational Methods to Evaluate the Response of Masonry Components and Structures

The objective of this project is to develop theoretical and computational methods to evaluate the response of masonry components and structures, with an emphasis on assessing the seismic vulnerability of New York City’s large stock of unreinforced masonry buildings. In the short-term, research is focused on developing and validating computational methods for the analysis of a simple wall subjected to monotonic loading. The long-term goal focuses on extending the computational methods to analyze archetype masonry buildings by:

This work is closely coordinated with the experimental study on typical masonry walls in New York City. Recommendations for the type of measurements and their locations based on the results from the experimental studies will be used to better validate the numerical models.

Selected Publications