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Year 9 Project Descriptions

User Networks for Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Critical Facilities

9.5.1: Integrated Networking Infrastructure Based on Grid Computing (pdf)

A. Reinhorn, University at Buffalo

9.5.2: Integrated Databases and Software for Evaluating Satellite Imagery (pdf)

R. Eguchi, ImageCat, Inc.

9.5.3: Implementation of Web-based GIS Geotechnical Data for Critical Infrastructures at MCEER Facilities (pdf)

A. Lembo, T. O'Rourke, Cornell University

9.5.4: Database for Multiple Hazard Evaluation of a NY State Hospital (pdf)

G. Lee, University at Buffalo

9.5.5: Networking sub-task for the Task "Fragility Based Rehabilitation Decision Analysis for Acute Care Facilities" (pdf)

M. Grigoriu, Cornell University

9.5.6: Software for Evolutionary Design and Decision Support (pdf)

G. Dargush, University at Buffalo