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Research Progress and Accomplishments

3-D BASIS: Computer Program Series for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Three-Dimensional Base Isolated Structures (PDF 0.23 MB)

Andrei Reinhorn

IDARC: Computer Program for Inelastic Damage Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Evolutionary Methodologies for Decision Support (2003-2004) (PDF 1.42 MB)

Gary Dargush, Mark Green, Yunli Wang and Yufeng Hu

Java-Powered Virtual Laboratories for Earthquake Engineering Education (2003-2004) (PDF 2.93 MB)

Yong Gao, Guangqiang Yang, Billie F. Spencer, Jr. and George C. Lee

Earthquake Motion Input and Its Dissemination Via the Internet (2000-2001) (PDF 0.24 MB)

Apostolos S. Papageorgiou (Principal Author), Benedikt Halldorsson and Gang Dong

MCEER Bulletin

Decision Support Tools Aid Hospital Administrators (Spring 2006)

MCEER Holds Leadership Forum in Conjunction with UB NEES Facility Grand Opening (Fall/Winter 2004)

Virtual Laboratory in Earthquake Engineering Offers Learning Opportunities on the Internet (Summer 2003)

Update on MCEER Consortium NEES Activities (Winter 2002/Spring 2003: Update on MCEER Consortium NEES Activities)

Student Research Accomplishments

Seismic Resilience (2004-2005) (PDF: 0.43 MB)

Evolutionary Methodologies for Decision Support (2003-2004) (PDF: 0.22 MB)

Java-Powered Virtual Laboratory for nonlinear Structural Dynamic Anaysis (2002-2003) (PDF: 0.48 MB)

On the Calibration of the Specific Barrier Model to Eastern North America Earthquakes (2001-2002) (PDF: 0.19 MB)