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Hospital Research: Selected Reports


  MCEER-08-0007   D.M. Fenz and M.C. Constantinou  $30.00 Mechanical Behavior of Multi-Spherical Sliding Bearings.

  MCEER-08-0006   C. Kafali and M. Grigoriu  $35.00 System Performance Under a Multi-Hazard Environment.

  MCEER-08-0005   J. Song, Y.L. Chu, Z. Liang and G.C. Lee  $35.00 Modal Analysis of Generally Damped Linear Structures Subjected to Seismic Excitations.


  MCEER-07-0022   S. Fathali and A. Filiatrault  $35.00 Experimental Seismic Performance Evaluation of Isolation/Restraint Systems for Mechanical Equipment; Part 2: Light Equipment Study.

  MCEER-07-0016   M. Schachter and A.M. Reinhorn  $35.00 Three-Dimensional Modeling of Inelastic Buckling in Frame Structures.

  MCEER-07-0013   E.R. Goodwin, E.M. Maragakis and A.M. Itani  $35.00 Experimental Evaluation of the Seismic Performance of Hospital Piping Subassemblies.

  MCEER-07-0011   R. Purba and M. Bruneau  $35.00
Design Recommendations for Perforated Steel Plate Shear Walls.

  MCEER-07-0007   S. Fathali and A. Filiatrault  $30.00
Experimental Seismic-Performance Evaluation of Isolation/Restraint Systems for Mechanical Equipment; Part I: Heavy Equipment Study.

  MCEER-07-0002   L.A. Arendt, D.J. Alesch and W.J. Petak  $25.00
Hazard Mitigation Investment Decision Making: Organizational Response to Legislative Mandate.

 MCEER-07-0001   C. Kafali, S. Fathali, M. Grigoriu and A.S. Whittaker    $25.00
Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction for Rigid Blocks


  MCEER-06-0005   R.E. Vargas and M. Bruneau  $35.00
Experimental Investigation of the Structural Fuse Concept.

  MCEER-06-0004   R.E. Vargas and M. Bruneau  $35.00
Analytical Investigation of the Structural Fuse Concept.

  MCEER-06-0002   G.P. Cimellaro, A.M. Reinhorn and M. Bruneau  $30.00
Multidimensional Fragility of Structures.

  MCEER-06-0001   H. Badillo-Almaraz, A.S. Whittaker, A.M. Reinhorn and G.P. Cimellaro  $35.00
Seismic Fragility of Suspended Ceiling Systems.


  MCEER-05-0010   D. Vian and M. Bruneau  $35.00
Steel Plate Shear Walls for Seismic Design and Retrofit of Building Structures.

  MCEER-05-0009   P.C. Tsopelas, P.C. Roussis, M.C. Constantinou, R. Buchanan and A.M. Reinhorn  $35.00
3D-BASIS-ME-MB: Computer Program for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Seismically Isolated Structures.

  MCEER-05-0007   K. Kesner and S.L. Billington  $35.00
Development of Seismic Strengthening and Retrofit Strategies for Critical Facilities Using Engineered Cementitious Composite Materials.

  MCEER-05-0006   D.J. Alesch, L.A. Arendt and W.J. Petak  $25.00
Seismic Safety in California Hospitals: Assessing an Attempt to Accelerate the Replacement or Seismic Retrofit of Older Hospital Facilities.

  MCEER-05-0005   A. Wanitkorkul and A. Filiatrault  $35.00
Simulation of Strong Ground Motions for Seismic Fragility Evaluation of Nonstructural Components in Hospitals.

  MCEER-05-0002   D. Kusumastuti, A.M. Reinhorn and A. Rutenberg  $35.00
A Versatile Experimentation Model for Study of Structures Near Collapse Applied to Seismic Evaluation of Irregular Structures.

  MCEER-05-0001   P.C. Roussis and M.C. Constantinou  $30.00
Experimental and Analytical Studies of Structures Seismically Isolated with an Uplift-Restraint Isolation System.


  MCEER-04-0010   A.N. Sigaher-Boyle and M.C. Constantinou  $35.00
Scissor-Jack-Damper Energy Dissipation System.

  MCEER-04-0009   M. Lew, T.D. O'Rourke, R. Dobry and M.M. Koch  $25.00
Assessment of Geotechnical Issues in Acute Care Facilities in California.

  MCEER-04-0008   E.A. Pavlou and M.C. Constantinou  $25.00
Evaluation of Accuracy of Simplified Methods of Analysis and Design of Buildings with Damping Systems for Near-Fault and for Soft-Soil Seismic Motions.

  MCEER-04-0005   M.V. Sivaselvan and A.M. Reinhorn  $30.00
Nonlinear Structural Analysis Towards Collapse Simulations: A Dynamical Systems Approach.

  MCEER-04-0003   O.C. Celik, J.W. Berman and M. Bruneau  $35.00
Cyclic Testing of Braces Laterally Restrained by Steel Studs to Enhance Performance During Earthquakes.

  MCEER-04-0001   E.D. Wolff, M.C. Constantinou  $30.00
Experimental Study of Seismic Isolation Systems with Emphasis on Secondary System Response and Verification of Accuracy of Dynamic Response History Analysis Methods.


  MCEER-03-SP10   ATC and MCEER  $50.00
ATC-29-2: Proceedings of the Seminar on Seminar on Seismic Design, Performance and Retrofit of Nonstructural Components in Critical Facilities.
This report is available from the Applied Technology Council.

  MCEER-03-0001   J.W. Berman and M.Bruneau  $35.00
Experimental Investigation of Light-Gauge Steel Plate Shear Walls for the Seismic Retrofit of Buildings.


  MCEER-01-0004   D.J. Alesch and W.J. Petak  $25.00
Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Policies: Stage 1 Report.

  MCEER-01-0002   Edited by M. Bruneau and D.J. Inman  $35.00
Proceedings of the Second MCEER Workshop on Mitigation of Earthquake Disaster by Advanced Technologies (MEDAT-2).
Presentation materials and a workshop summary is provided.

  MCEER-01-0001   D. Vian and M. Bruneau  $35.00
Experimental Investigation of P-Delta Effects to Collapse During Earthquakes.


  MCEER-00-0010   O.M.Ramirez, M.C.Constantinou, C.A.Kircher, A.S.Whittaker, M.W.Johnson, J.D.Gomez and C.Z. Chrysostomou  $40.00
Development and Evaluation of Simplified Procedures for Analysis and Design of Buildings with Passive Energy Dissipation Systems - Revision 01.

  MCEER-00-0005   W.H. Chong, T.T. Soong  $25.00
Sliding Fragility of Unrestrained Equipment in Critical Facilities.

  MCEER-00-0002   Edited by George C. Lee, Mohammed Ettouney, Mircea Grigoriu, Jerome Hauer, Joanne Nigg  $25.00
Proceedings of the MCEER Workshop for Seismic Hazard Mitigation of Health Care Facilitities.
A workshop summary is provided.


  MCEER-99-0020   G.C.Lee, Z.Liang, J.W.Song, J.D.Shen and W.C. Liu  $25.00
Development of Measurement Capability for Micro-Vibration Evaluations with Application to Chip Fabrication Facilities.

  MCEER-99-0018   M.V.Sivaselvan, A.M.Reinhorn  $25.00
Hysteretic Models for Cyclic Behavior of Deteriorating Inelastic Structures.

  MCEER-99-0012   M.Constantinou, P.Tsopelas, A.Kasalanati, E.Wolff  $30.00
Property Modification Factors for Seismic Isolation Bearings.

  MCEER-99-0008   G.S. Johnson, R.E. Sheppard, M.D. Quilici, S.J. Eder and C.R. Scawthorn  $35.00
Seismic Reliability Assessment of Critical Facilities: A Handbook, Supporting Documentation, and Model Code Provisions.

  MCEER-99-SP05   Edited by H.H. Cudney, M.P. Singh, D.J. Inman and S.S. Chen  $0.00
Proceedings of the MCEER Workshop on Advanced Materials, Non-Destructive Evaluation, and Condition Assissment for Critical Facilities.
This report is available in electronic format only. It can be downloaded from here.

  MCEER-99-0002   J. Scheller, M.C. Constantinou  $25.00
Response History Analysis of Structures with Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation Systems: Verification Examples for Program SAP2000.


  MCEER-98-0016   K.Porter, C.Scawthorn, C.Taylor, N.Blais  $25.00
Appropriate Seismic Reliability for Critical Equipment Systems - Recommendations Based on Regional Analysis of Financial and Life Loss.

  MCEER-98-MN01   M.C.Constantinou, T.T.Soong, G.F.Dargush  $25.00
Passive Energy Dissipation Systems for Structural Design and Retrofit.

Reconnaissance Materials

  MCEER-00-0003   Edited by G.C.Lee, C.H.Loh; Contributors: M. Bruneau, I.G. Buckle, S. Chang, P. Flores, T. O'Rourke, M. Shinozuka, T. Soong, and others from NCREE  $30.00
The Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake of September 21, 1999: Reconnaissance Report.
A summary of this report can be viewed here. Additional web-based materials can be viewed here.

  MCEER-00-0001   Edited by C. Scawthorn; Contributors: M. Bruneau, R. Eguchi, T. Holzer, G. Johnson, J. Mander, J. Mitchell, W. Mitchell, A. Papageorgiou and G. Webb  $35.00
The Marmara, Turkey Earthquake of August 17, 1999: Reconnaissance Report.
A summary of this report can be viewed at here. Additional web-based materials can be viewed here.

  MCEER-99-SP03   G.Lee, M.Bruneau, I.G.Buckle, S.Chang, P.Flores, J.Goltz, T.O'Rourke, M.Shinozuka, T.Soong, L.Taddeo  $5.00
MCEER/NCREE Response: The 921 Taiwan Earthquake.
This report can be downloaded in PDF format from here. Additional reconnaissance information is available from here.

  MCEER-99-SP02   M.Bruneau, J.Mander, W.Mitchell, A.Papageorgiou, C.Scawthorn, N.Sigaher, L.Taddeo  $5.00
MCEER Response: Kocaeli (Izmit), Turkey Earthquake.
This report can be downloaded in PDF format from here. Additional reconnaissance information is available from here.