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Project Descriptions

Thrust Area 2:  Seismic Retrofit of Acute Care Facilities

9.2.1: Experimental Seismic Fragility Assessment of Medical Equipment in Acute Care Facilities (pdf)

A. Filiatrault, University at Buffalo

9.2.2: Controlling Response of Structural and Nonstructural Components and Systems in Acute Care Facilities by Passive Displacement-Activated Damping and Isolation Mechanisms (pdf)

M. Bruneau, University at Buffalo

9.2.3: Integrated Design of Acute Care Facilities with Self-Centering Systems (pdf)

A. Filiatrault, University at Buffalo

9.2.4: Seismic Retrofit of Structures through Strength Reduction and Enhanced Damping (pdf)

A. Reinhorn, University at Buffalo

9.2.5: Fragility Based Rehabilitation Decision Analysis for Acute Care Facilities (pdf)

M. Grigoriu, Cornell University

9.2.6: Semi-Passive Control of Buildings and Contents (pdf)

G. Lee, University at Buffalo

9.2.7: Evolutionary Methodologies for Decision Support (pdf)

G. Dargush, University at Buffalo

9.2.8: Performance of Secondary Systems in Structures with Seismic Protective Systems (pdf)

M. Constantinou, University at Buffalo

9.2.9: Acute Care Hospital Decision Parameters for Integrated Decision Support Systems, Design of Effective Mitigation Policy and Programs, and Overcoming Behavioral Obstacles to Integrating Nonstructural Components into Seismically Safe Hospital Design (pdf)

D. Alesch, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

9.2.10: Experimental Seismic Fragility of Nonstructural Components in Acute Care Facilities Sensitive to Full-Scale Floor Excitations (pdf)

G. Mosqueda, University at Buffalo

9.2.11: Experimental Data for Performance of Piping Distribution Systems:  Use of Solid and Innovative Bracing Systems (pdf)

M. Maragakis, University of Nevada, Reno

9.2.12: Seismic Rehabilitation Decision Analysis for Acute Care Facilities (pdf)

D.von Winterfeldt, University of Southern California