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Preliminary Damage Reports from the Chile Earthquake: February 27, 2010

Damaged structure in Chile after 8.8M earthquake.

Gilberto Mosqueda/For MCEER

The international terminal at the Santiago, Chile airport (SCL) remained closed a week after the earthquake.

The preliminary damage reports focus on damage to nonstructural components, such as equipment, ceiling tiles, piping systems, and other building systems, particularly in hospitals. Prepared at the time of the field investigations, they contain preliminary summaries of damage, initial observations and many photographs.

In addition, some of the photographs taken by Gilberto Mosqueda were geotagged. To view the photos, Google Earth desktop software is required and is available as a free download at Once Google Earth is installed, click here to download and save the file containing the geotag photos. If it does not open automatically, double click the file to open the photos with Google Earth.

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