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Lafayette School, American Red Cross Distribution Site
2727 S. Carrolton Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana

This facility distributes various goods including bottled water in 1-L bottles and 1-gallon jugs, house cleaning kits, comfort kits, and food. The site is advertised as open from 10 am to 3 pm but was closed at the time of our arrival (2 pm) because they ran out of goods. Persons arriving after the site closed were being referred to a larger distribution point at the Municipal Auditorium.

It has become clear that water needs are being provided by bottled water (in 20 oz bottles, 1 L bottles, 1 gallon containers, and 12 oz cans). Water needs at this distribution point were being met with bottled water even though no boil water orders currently exist in the community.

Red Cross personnel expressed the opinion that residents had little faith in the quality of tap water. In addition, Red Cross personnel stated that bottled water was never in shortage during the aftermath of Katrina (due to generous donations of bottled water).

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